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The extensive and fast growing product range consists of home healthcare products and also licensed products.
Focusing on medical bath, home and household products. Being an international wholeseller with clients in Europe, Middle East and Africa, the company is able to export and also deliver to national suppliers.

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We can not dissipate incontinence. But we can help you make your everyday life freer, safer and more enjoyable!
Our product range includes a comprehensive range of incontinence products and other practical everyday helpers. Whether at home or on the road, whether during sports or traveling, we offer new and safe solutions for more light-heartedness in everyday life!


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Discover our brand new collection that offers optimum protection and presents itself in a modern and contemporary look – just like every day underwear. 

Choose between 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250ml absorption and various designs in white and black (and skin for women). All our models are antibacterial, breathable and impervious to liquids.


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